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Alfresco dining for minis

It’s never more apparent that you are what you eat than when you have a baby. Fill your baby with crap and they don’t sleep, don’t poo and probably don’t survive. The mission of the majority of mums I know – even the less-than-Nigella-esque ones – is to fill your kid with as much goodness as you can squeeze out of a Sainsbury delivery.

One discovers all the fruit and veg you’ve never really known what to do with before. Butternut squash, once relegated to the back of the vegetable tray becomes your new best mate at meal times.

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Review: BabyBjorn Highchair

This bad boy isn’t the cheapest high chair on the market but it’s one of the dozen or so items in my procession I couldn’t imagine life without.

Sturdy enough to contain a (very lively) mini man through thick and tantrum, it is also neat enough to fold and stow away for when the Queen comes to tea. Happens aaaall the time.

Beautifully designed to not need straps, mini man is secured into place by the clip-on, wipe-clean table top and means cleaning the whole thing is a doddle, and it still looks like new 12 months and LOTS of spaghetti hoops later.

You can buy it from old faithful, John Lewis