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Alfresco dining for minis

It’s never more apparent that you are what you eat than when you have a baby. Fill your baby with crap and they don’t sleep, don’t poo and probably don’t survive. The mission of the majority of mums I know – even the less-than-Nigella-esque ones – is to fill your kid with as much goodness as you can squeeze out of a Sainsbury delivery.

One discovers all the fruit and veg you’ve never really known what to do with before. Butternut squash, once relegated to the back of the vegetable tray becomes your new best mate at meal times.

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Brothers close in age
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Things I know to be true with a close-in-age second child

They develop slower:

It’s not because they *are* slower. It’s because you don’t have time sit on the carpet serenely listening to Clanad (?!) while you coax and encourage your baby, righting their position around the cushions while they learn it sit for themselves. No.

You’re too busy fishing the pea out of his big brother’s nose, cooking 3 different suppers for 4 different people and stressing about your tax return. Continue Reading

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The inevitability of injury

When you have boys you’ll see the inside of A+E. A lot.

The first time we were there this summer, toddler had reached up to the kitchen counter (after a particularly vigorous growth spurt) and pulled a scalding mug of very middle class ginger tea down on himself.

It was a superficial burn to his forearm as it turned out. His little blistered arm was re-dressed everyday at the doctors’ for a week and I scalded myself time and time again for not being more careful, not watching him closely enough.
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Mum of two
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Things which are different with the second

I won’t break him: I was pretty convinced I’d be rushing to A+E at some point having accidentally dropped eldest on his head, twisted his arm trying to wrangle him into one of those damn baby vests, or broken his little legs by crashing the car seat into a wall as I tried to navigate through a tight space. Luckily none of those things happened and with number two I realise his risk of sustaining any of these injuries is small. He is, however, more likely to have his eyeballs poked out, his cot tipped over and his peace significantly broken by his older brother. Rough with the smooth, my friend, rough with the smooth.

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Croc-wearing unicorns: Mini Man #2

I read a lot of blogs on the run-up to number two. I say ‘run up’ but in reality it was more of a steep slug up Everest walking through treacle while dragging a horse-drawn-carriage.

I was already suffering a mild bout of gender disappointment. No dolls house or My Little Ponies for me. Yet. But I was more preoccupied with love.

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Time flies
Newborn, Parenting

Time flies

Anyone who’s had a baby knows this natural law: Time will fly.

You prepared for 9 months to welcome this human. 9 whole months. And not once did you consider the week after you had him.

That a week will have passed and your newborn will no longer actually be newborn.

His little face will have changed already, he will have grown and developed and will be fast becoming ‘him’. Not part of you. Not in you, not attached to you, not feeding off your every blood vessel. His own little dude.

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Terrible twos: deploy The Cry

Eldest used to be so chilled. Such a chilled dude. Everyone always said. So happy, so chilled.

You want milk? Yeah? Just have a bit more, ok? Cool. Thanks. You woke early. Just go back to sleep, yes? I’ll just leave you until you do. Great. Worked a charm. Want this toy? Yes? And this one? Great. You don’t want the toy your cousin has, no? No. Good boy. Good, chilled, happy boy.

But wait. 18 months arrived, and with it a completely different specimen. Coinciding with a muggy, light-mornings summer, he’s waking at crack of sparrow fart. He doesn’t go back down. He’s learned ‘the cry’. Not had it yet? Lucky you.

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Gender Stereotyping

Mum of Mini Men has a Pinterest account.
On it are boards like ‘Boys Craft’, ‘Boys Room’ and ‘Boys Toys’. Even as I clicked on the + to create them I could feel the feminist in me dying as I realised what I was perpetuating.

Recently we took a trip to my brother’s. He’s got a girl with another on the way. The house is top-to-toe with baby dolls, My Little Pony, fairies, princesses, you name it.
There, eldest son happened upon a baby doll which he took rather a shine to and dragged around looking not dissimilar to a rugby second row gently but firmly keeping hold of his ball.

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