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July 2015

Newborn, Pregnancy

What’s in a name?

It shouldn’t be hard really, should it?

I mean, aside from having 9 months to think up a name, you must have vaguely thought about it beforehand. “If I had a baby girl I want to call her Emily”.

But it’s not that easy is it?

Not only have you got to run it by the other person who helped produce the child (although I do think the months of actual pregnancy should give the mother some special privileges, no?), but every Tom, Dick and Harry sticks their ore in too. “Na, I knew an Emily at school. Total. Bitch.”

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Time flies
Newborn, Parenting

Time flies

Anyone who’s had a baby knows this natural law: Time will fly.

You prepared for 9 months to welcome this human. 9 whole months. And not once did you consider the week after you had him.

That a week will have passed and your newborn will no longer actually be newborn.

His little face will have changed already, he will have grown and developed and will be fast becoming ‘him’. Not part of you. Not in you, not attached to you, not feeding off your every blood vessel. His own little dude.

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Baby shower
Newborn, Pregnancy

To baby shower or not to baby shower?

I feel I should put my hands up immediately and admit I’m 35. I hereby declare an interest. In the 80s. I didn’t go to a school prom, not because my train track braces were so ridiculously off-putting to the opposite sex that I couldn’t get a date (could well have been true), but because they hadn’t been invented yet. Or more accurately, they were invented, but only taking place in the land where you can go to a movie drive-thru and American Diners are just called, well, Diners.

And so it is with the apparent grand ‘tradition’ of the baby shower. It’s new. It’s not something we had even heard of ten years ago, apart from on the odd American sitcom. Nowadays though, it seems to the The Thing To Do.

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